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Ferrymead Bays 12 Grade "B" team, 2006 season

Unofficial site, or Fan Club, or whatever you may like to call it :-))))

Welcome to Bays 12th "B" team web-site! Here you can find some information about our players, about games we played and the goals we try to achieve. Regularly updated information about practices, games and cancellations. Thank you for visiting us!
Cancellations: NONE (game cancellation double-check here) Contact details - phone numbers of players, coach and team manager.
Next practice: NO MORE PRACTICES! Picture gallery - see us at action! (updated 29.08.06 - new pics here)

Next Game: Next year!

Our goals - ...The goal for the team is determined as 4x4 in the first seven games before the winter break to make each of our players possess and exercise all 4 mentioned qualities, and in the second half of the season to make it to the Top 4 teams... (read more about the team goals)
GAMES - coming and played, comments and aftermath


Congratulations for Joey, he's got the Player of the Year award! Well done, Joey!

Thank you all players and parents, and Neil for the wonderful season. It was pleasure to be a team manager and maintaining this little web-site for the team.

Wish you all the best, guys!



P.S. Please feel free to download the pictures from our gallery! It is for everyone's use!

21.06.08 - Sunday Premier Leaugue Game and some parallels with our own Saturday game.

18.08.06 On the eve of most important game in a season.

14.08.06. We are on the first place in the table!

05.08.06. Comments about the game vs Hornby - (for parents to read as well)

01.08.06 Before we play Hornby.... - book of daily meditations ))

29.07.06 - 1-0 against Cashmere again - some comments

17.07.06 - 1-0 against Avon!- Comments and some information to think of...

02.07.06 1-0 against Cashmere! - Details, comments and statistics

23.06.06. Australia through to last 16!, and what it could mean for you, guys!

13.06.06. Before we play Cashmere - comments.

29.05.06 Well done against ChCh Technical! - comments

25.05.06 1-0 against Hornby - comments

03.05.06 Draw with Avon, and something about the League








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