Ferrymead Bays 12 Grade "B" team, 2006

Some pictures from my collection.

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End of the season. Joey is happy after getting his Player of the Year award. Weel done, Joey!

Last pictures of the 2006 season - game against Rangiora. (it's on separate page to lessen the time of downloading, so click above on the link)

Game against Hornby, 5th of August 2006

Slowly waking up at the start of the game Good pass, Nat! Good save. Luke! Very brave, Tom! Good move, Denis! Yes, it's painful, where did the referee look??? No whistle - keep going! Good turn, mate! Run! Good run, Denis! Danger in our box Support team Kaitlyn against her big opponent Are you getting to the same ball, guys? )) Get to it, guys! Good control, Dylan! Come on, guys, you are not going to lose that ball, aren't you? Hey Nat, what do you think about those three lads' taekwondo technique? Meditating on the ball? Half time frustration about himself Half time break... "Playing really well, guys" Dylan taking dangerous corner Easy save after Kaytlin's shot Stop him, guys! Some nasty moment of the game (( Good game, Dylan! Slide tackle from behind is always painfull, Ben Real men never cry, Ben! You do not know yet that you just gained for your team a free kick wich will be turned to the goal just in a minute! Treatment in progress 5 seconds before we scored!

Game against Avon, 15th of Juiy

Perfect shooting position, but.... Moment of joy! we scored! Famous Ashraf's heading Happy Player of the Day

Older pictures

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