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Прочие фотографии Маши


Фотографии с празднования дня рождения 04.11.06

My birthday party at Alpine Ice Centre

Daywalk in Arthur's Pass. Прогулка по горному лесу в Артурс Пасс

14.10.06 - 8th birthday! 14.10.06 - 8th birthday! Akaroa harbour, 2005 Happy to have a kitten, 2005 Lyttelton Harbour, 2005 Tailors Mistake Bay, 2005 Face bodyart, 2005 in Nelson, 2006 On a whale watching sea trip, 2006 in Picton, 2006 At friend's home, 2004 With best friend Meg, 2004 With best friend Meg, 2004 On 6th birthday with toy-cat present, 2004 6th birthday cake, 2004 At Hallowen party, 2005 At Hallowen party, 2005

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