Hi, my name is Maria, and I will turn 8 soon. On this page you will find a lot of pictures of mine, some my drawings, and you will learn something about myself and my favorite pastimes.

Once I was cute little girl, much smaller than I am now. I used to live in St-Petersburg in Russia. Here you can find some pictures of those times:

(more pictures...)

I go to Redcliffs School, and I like it and I enjoy studying. We spend a lot of time playing the games, singing and drawing. I already know how to read and write both in English and Russian.

(more photos of schoollife)

At the age of four I started to go to the ballet school in St-Petersburg. Here in New Zealand I also go to ballet 4 times a week and I want to be a ballerina. I also like swimming, doing gymnastics, playing tennis, riding my bicycle, skiing and climbing.

(more sporting pics)

My Mum and Dad always take me and Denis, my brother to the hills. I like to be outdoors, to cross the rivers and streams especially if day is hot. I can climb 1000m up the mountain slope to the very top. Yes, it's a bit hard but the view from the tops are awesome!

(more outdoor photos)

I like drawing with pencils and crayons, and in PaintBrush computer program. We do a lot of artwork at school and I am good at it. Here there are some of my drawings:

(other drawings..)

I like to help my parents, and not only at home but at work as well. My Dad sometimes asks me to do some important jobs - paint the fence, or a house, or to help him build a lawn. He always pays me some money for that, as though I am real worker!

(more job-related pics)

Here there is a gallery of my other pictures (last updated 12.11.06)

and pictures of my doggie Lolly )))

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