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Three years ago Paul was enjoying himself doing winter bike trip in coldest place in the Northern hemisphere - Russian Republic of Yakutia, where the team of 5 bikers coverd 900 km in 12 days and experienced camping with temperature falling as low as 45 degrees Celsius below zero. Now Paul's mates are in great outdoors again. Their new ambitious project is under way in the far North of Russia, on the ice-locked shores of Kara Sea, where guys are going to traverse 250 km of the coast line utilizing the hard ice as a substitute for good paved road, and then penetrate into tundra for another 150km using quite unreliable winter road. The expedition started 2 days ago, and the worst prognosis already came true - due to anomalously warm winter the surface is not hard enough to hold the bike, and guys had to walk in soft snow for the first 45 km. Unfortunately Paul, who was nursing the idea of joining the expedition and having really good Easter holidays, had to stay home due to work commitments and keep an eye on expedition progress from far away. However, we wish the guys to have tail wind, hard ice and firm snow. Good luck, friends!

23.03.07 Only couple of weeks passed after the Swimming Nationals but Denis is already busy with winter sports. He did very well on soccer trials and got to the Premier team this year. We have just launched the new web-page for his new soccer team. Also, Denis suddenly found himself finishing 3rd in 3000m run on Canty Athletics Champs where he competed for his new school - Shirley Boys High. One week later he finished 9th in the South Island Athletics Champs in Dunedin, where he went with his school mates who also qualified to compete on island level. Well done, Denis!


19.02.07 Competitive season is over! Four weeks ago Denis did extremely well, getting the bronze medals in all three breaststroke events at Canterbury Champs, achieving huge personal best times and qualifying to compete on national level.

This last weekend the NZ Juniors Champs took place in Christchurch, but this time Denis didn't perform that brilliant as month ago but still ended up in top 20 breaststrokers in the country with his best achievement being 10th place for 200m breast. Well done, Denis!


18.01.07 While almost every pupil is enjoing his summer holidays Denis works hard in the swimming pool. Two sessions a day with approximate dayly mileage around 6-8 km should have made him fit for oncoming competition season. Now the hard work is temporarily over and it is time to show your strength and stamina. Canterbury Champs just started, and very first day already brought a bit of joy to our household! Today Denis got a bronze medal in 200m breaststroke (his favorite stroke) and qualified to swim that event in the Junior Nationals Champs which are just 4 weeks away. Last year Denis swam on country level for the first time in his life and got to theTop-20 breaststrokers in New Zealand (of his age). Since that he struggled hard to get the qualifying time for the 2007 Nationals but till today his efforts were in vain - there was little or no progress which kept him quite dissapointed. But today he has beaten the 200m breast qualifying time by 10 seconds, which is very good achievement and he is very glad to get this bronze medal. There are three more days of competing and five more events to swim. We wish Denis all the best and hope there will be more medals this week!


16.02.07. new! Lot of new pictures from weekend trip to the Sudden Valley in The Alps and unsuccessful climb of The Pyramid.



8.02.07 new! Paul and Denis spent almost one week travelling up North Island. Here are some pics from this trip.




18.01.07. Last weekend we spent in the remote mountain village of Mt.Lyford that turned out to be really nice place! Here are some stunning landscapes of Mt.Lyford.



11.01.07. We spent the last weekend in the Craigieburn Forest Park traversing th Camp Saddle-Lyndon Saddle ridge. Our puppy Lolly scaled her first ever alpine peak during that hike. The trip pictures are here.



11.01.07 New photographs added to the general album. Botanic Garden and hills around the home.




11.01.07 new! New photographs of Maria in her outdoor-album




11.01.07 new! New pictures of Lolly in her own album.




17.12.06. new! Some new photographs added.



7.12.06 new! City motives and sunrise in new photographs.



04.12.06. new! New pictures added - day trip around Banks Peninsula and sundet viewed from Birdlings Flat.



20.11.06 new! Some new photos added - sunrise over the Sumner and Estuary.



13.11.06. new! Some new night shots of Estuary and Shag Rock added.



12.11.06 new! Our puppy Lolly has got her own page with pictures of her!



12.11.06 new! On Maria's page there are some new pictures added - Maria's birthday party in the Alpine Ice Centre.



06.11.06 new! Some new pictures from Arthur's Pass, where we spent a weekend one week ago. Thanks to Hugh Shearer for the provided bach which made our stay there very special!



31.10.06. new! We spent the Labour Weekend in Hanmer and Kaikoura bringing some new pictures from over there. Check out new "Hanmer-Kaikoura" photo-album.



14.10.06. new! Maria's got her 8th birthday, and her grand parents have just came down from far north of Russia, approx 19,000 km away, bringing with them heaps of presents for beloved grand daughter!



08.10.06 new! More spring mood photographs added.



01.10.06 new! I spent last two days in mountains, exploring lower reaches of Sudden Valley Stream and upper Otira valley. Check out my new photographs of Sudden Valley stream.



29.09.06. new! We have beautiful spring weather in Christchurch. Trees are turning green, eveything is blossomoing. Check out our new photographs of the Garden City, its residents and ourselves. :)



22.09.06 new! On the way back from Blenheim we made a detour via Picton and picturesque and windy coastal road back to Blenheim. Native forest, beautiful bays, and bit of wildlife made this short trip very pleasant experience. Check out our new Marlborough Photo Album !



21.09.06 new! We are back from Blenheim where Denis was 4th in inter-regional cross-country race and got his first running gold medal for team's first place. We added some new pictures to his Running Photo Album. Thanks again to Redcliffs School for sponsoring Denis!



15.09.06. new! Denis keeps very busy with his training and preparation for the inter-regional cross-country race with his Canty team. This week our local newspaper Bay Harbour News published the picture of the team memebers who showed up on the training run in Barnett park. Denis is leftmost in the first row. Recently, another training session led by well-known x-country runner Phil Costley was shown in the One News. The major x-country junior event is now only 5 days away. Next week we all go to Blenheim to compete against Wellington, Nelson and Marlborough. Four to five weekly running sessions, plus usual three swimming sessions per week, and the soccer season being over just couple of weeks ago make it very difficult for Denis to work on his own web-page long awaited by friends and relatives. But we managed to make two small photo albums showing Denis and his mates in sport action - Soccer and Running.

02.09.06 new! We've got a new family member - German Shepherd puppy named Lolly. Kids are happy at last!



16.08.06 new! Over the weekend I again attended MSC's Alpine Skills course in Temple Basin, Arthur's Pass. Another two great days in the hills, heaps of snow, fun, new skills and a lot of pictures, including some good night shots. Here are some of those pictures.

05.08.06. new! Heaps of pictures of Denis added to his soccer team picture gallery.! Most sincere thanks to Redcliffs School and its Student Council, who decided to sponsor Denis' next month trip to Blenheim's X-country race with his Canterbury X-country team. We also decided to help in organization of that event and launched the web-site for the team within our own site.

02.08.06 new! Couple of weeks ago Maria had 6 performances of Snow Queen with her ballet scholl in the Royal Theatre. Here is the picture of her in one of her three costumes. Later on I plan to make short video clip of her dance on stage and upload it on the site.



27.07.06 Maria's little page has just been born! Come and visit our dear girl at her page!

24.7.06 Over the weekend I have attended my first ever formal mountaineering courses summing up my previous knowledges and experiences. Here are some pictures of these two days which I shared with nice mates and keen instructors. Thank you all, guys!


09.07.06 Recent pictures of 'City life scenes' added.



04.07.06 Some new photographs of knee-deep snow forest added.

01.07.06. We launched the small web-page for Denis' soccer team. News, results, pics, comments, stats - everything on Ferrymead Bays 12"B" Fan Club Page

01.07.06. Denis played his best soccer game in the League yesterday and became Player of the Day. We beat Cashmere 1-0.

Lot of snow in the mountains
30.06.06 We are just back from mountains. Heaps of snow! Excellent skiing! Some new photos here.

29.06.06 Two new photo albums added to "Area of Habitat" section. Pictures from New Zeland.

24.06.06 - Some new photographs added.

21.06.06 Huge Well Done to Denis! He finished 2-nd in final Centrals X-country (Primary vs Intermediate) and goes now to South Island Champs in September. Congratulations! Results are here

12.06.06. Tomorrow night was very warm - about 17C, and this morning we are having heaps of snow!!! Businesses are closed, some roads are closed too. People enjoy unexspected excuse to have a day off!

08.06.06. My article about Denis' soccer team is published in our club's magazine. If you do not mind PDF-files of 2MB and larger you could have a look at the article here - Ferrymead Bays Soccer Magazine. Look for page 28.

07.06.06. Denis turned 12 today, and celebrated this day finishing 4th in Canterbury 3 km cross-country running event. He confirmed his reputation of best runner of Redcliffs school, his time being 6 seconds better than that of any other older boys. The official results are available here - Primary Sports Canterbury

06.06.06. There is still no end of the world, many could be feeling dissapointed )) We are back from Dunedin with Gold and Silver medals in Denis's pocket for the breasstroke events. We also saw yellow eyed penguins, and MtCook, and deafening avalanche, and heaps of snow!

29.05.06. Russian leading outdoor resourse published my article Alpine camps in New Zealand, Or How It Is Done "Over There", but unfortunately it is in Russian only

24.05.06. Guess what! I am soccer coach! Today I was fully in charge for the soccer practice of Denis's team.

10.05.06. Seemengly effortlessly Denis won Zone X-country, though being ill with a cold. Good boy! Going to the Centrals now!