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Traveling is significant part of our life. It is part of our philosophy, a vehicle for gaining the most important experiences which help us to comprehend the phenomenon of the World. Surely, we are not speaking here about sunbathing holidays on Fiji or locked-in-the-bus-for-a-week group tours across Europe. We like active holidays, that's why the majority of our trips, be it weeks-long tramps or shorter weekend trips, is about exercising of significant level of exertion. Usually it is biking, skiing, and tramping. Deliberately refusing the comfort of air-conditioned buses and hotel rooms.....(read further )
Great trips Weekend trips

Bike trip Otago and Southland 2006 - in March 2006 Paul and three chaps from Russia had a good time cycling for a week across southern part of our beautiful South Island. This was my first bike trip in New Zealand. The text is in Russian only.

Stewart Island 2006 - story about tramping trip with kids in Stewart Island's jungle, New Zealand (Russian only)

New Year on Land's End - 2005 - story about our first significant car voyage across South Island, New Zealand (Russian only)

Pole of Cold - 2004 - extreme 2 weeks -long bicycle trip across wintry Yakutia, Russia (text in Russian only)

Polar Ural -2003 - mountain-bike trip across tundra of Yamal peninsula, Russia (text in Riussian only)

Khakasia, Sayan mountains 2003 - bike tripe across Siberia, Alatau and Sayan mountains, Khakasia steppes and great river Enisey. Treking in Sayan. (Russian only)

Five resorts in one season - stories about skiing trips in 2003 winter. Zakopane - Sheregesh - Zav'yalikha - Kirovsk - Elbrus(there is separate page about Elbrus wih separate link in English, otherwise all text in Russian)

Komi - 2003 - winter time bycycle trip in forests of Pri-Uralye, Russia. My first ever 'imprisonment' (text in Russian)

Karelia - Solovki 2002 - story about cycling trip of Paul and Tania across Karelia and Solovki island, Russia (text in Russian only)

Altay-2002 - story about week-long bike trip in Alatay mountains

Scandic tour 2001 - story about 3 weeks-long auto and bike jorney in Finland, Sweden and Norway (Russian only)

Tramp in Arthur's Pass , New Zealand. April 2005. Our first mutual venture with Alexander Simo . Very emotional )) (Russian only)

Walking in Awa-Awa Rata reserve - Feb 2005, day walk in Southern Alps foothills, New Zealand (Russian only)

Ascent of Avalanche Peak, New Zealand - weekend trip for Dad and Mum, Jan 2005 (Russian only)

Biketrip to Hurunui Hot Springs - weekend cycling trip to hot springs, Lake Sumner Forest Park, new Zealand, Oct 2004 (Russian only)

Cycling on ice - in December 2002 Paul with friends had a good ride on the ice-locked surface of Ilmen and Valday lakes, Russia (text in Russian only)

Once upon a time on Valaam - short story about weekend cycling trip on Vallaam Island, Russia (text in Russian only)

Altay ride 2001 - big story about short weekend ride in Altay mountains, Russia (text in Russian only)