Photography in our life

Photography is one of my favorite pastimes. I should however admit, that it is not the life long passion. Although I took my first shots at the age of 14-15 with my Dad's SLR Zenith and even learnt how to develop the film and print black-and-white photographs in the dark room thanks again to my Dad, the amateur photographer, who possessed all the needed stuff. After graduating from my high school which coincided with the introducing of the automatic laboratories for color developing and printing to Russian market I gradually lost an interest in the craft. The process became too easy (pay money get prints), and I never bothered about creativity. Nevertheless, the experience went on to accumulate and skills went on to develop in, say, a background mode - there were some holiday trips to Europe in early 90th, then arrival of our son and daughter which required not only constant supplies of nappies, but films as well. In 90-th my main gear was then modern compact Olympus with good lenses and zoom, that was bought by my Dad somewhere very cheap. This camera served me faithfully for good 12 years till its heroic death in one of my Siberian bike journeys, where it did not endure the underwater ride at the bottom of pack, though it had a status of backup camera then. The title of main camera has been passed by that time to the semi-auto SLR Minolta which was bought by Dad in some German second hand shop.

The rebirth of my real interest in photography took place in winter 2001 - then, in February, I found myself in mountains for the first time ever (it was in Caucasus, Northern Ossetia), and discovered for myself the mountains not only as a Nature's phenomenon of true beauty and excellence but also as a never tiring supplier of heart-stopping landscapes and source of photographer inspiration. Developed films a week later enraptured me no less than mountains themselves. So I became keen landscape photographer. The majority of my pictures are devoted to just landscapes, especially because my latest interest in photography is closely connected to the passion for venturing outdoors. Surely, in my archive there are some portraits too, as well as city life scenes, architectural masterpieces and even some still life pictures.

Now, in 2006 I completely abandoned the film technology and moved to the digital, though kept resisting the change for quite a long time. Our first digital 'soap box' settled in our home in 2003, just before the move to New Zealand, designated for quick hassle free shooting and sending everyday pics to the relatives in Russia. No doubt, it occupied the pocket in my rucksack too and became substituting camera for my film SLR Minolta while heading into the hills. The inevitable comparisions of their performances made me think harder about film and digit, and in 2005 the decision was made - old Minolta retired and its place was taken up by new 8-mega pixel Sony with very good lenses. I should admit that I am fully satisfied with its capacities and picture's quality and never feel sorry about retired Minolta.

The pictures in this web-site collection are divided into several thematic groups. The same picture could sometimes appear in several groups if it has the distinctive features of each of those groups.

All pictures have the size of approximately 400x250 pixels, which is quite sufficient to contemplate them on the screen, but is out of question for large format printing or publishing purposes. If you find yourself interested in one or another photograph please contact me , and we will discuss what I could do for you. Basically I have the negative film (100 DIN, 35mm) or the original file of 3200x2400 size for majority of pictures. Generally, the photographs suitable for publishing are for sale, but in some particular cases might be given for free. It depends on circumstances! Contact me!

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