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Photography is one of my favorite pastimes. I should however admit, that it is not the life long passion. Although I took my first shots at the age of 14-15 with my Dad's SLR Zenith and even learnt how to develop the film and print black-and-white photographs in the dark room thanks again to my Dad, the amateur photographer, who possessed all the needed stuff. After graduating from my high school which coincided with the introducing of the automatic laboratories for color developing and printing to Russian market I gradually lost an interest in the craft. The process became too easy (pay money get prints), and I never bothered about creativity. Nevertheless, the experience went on to accumulate and skills went on to develop in, say, a background mode - there were some holiday trips to Europe in early 90th, then arrival of our son and daughter which required not only constant supplies of nappies, but films as well. In 90-th my main gear was .... (read further)

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New Zealand :

Christchurch, Banks Peninsula, Port Hills, Akaroa, Canterbury, Alps, Kaikoura, Dunedin, Nugget pt and Catlins, Aoraki - MtCook, Hanmer Springs
Castle Hill Boulders, Craigeburn Forest Park, Alpine course in Craigeburn range, Alpine Skills course in Arthur's Pass new! Mt.Lyford


St-Petersburg Murmansk Moscow

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New Zealand Siberia Ural Caucasus St-Petersburg

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Trips, Journeys

new! Mt Aicken ascent, Arthurs Pass NP, May 2008

new! North Island volcanoes, and Mt.Ruapehu ascent, December 2008



Green Lake tramp in Fiordland and kayaking in Lake TeAnu, February 2008

Lake Ohau & Dasler Pinnacles, NZ, Jan 2008

Family trip to MtLyford, NZ. Dec 2007

6800 km journey across North & South Islands, Sept-Oct 2007

North Island trip, June 2007

MtLyford traverse, NZ, 2007

Mueller Hut and MtOllivier in MtCook NP, NZ 2007

Ascend of the Terrible Knob in Lake Sumner FP, NZ 2007

Weekend tramp in Sudden Valley and unsuccessful climb of The Pyramid, NZ 2007

Weekend trip in Craigieburn FP, NZ 2007

Weekend in Mt Lyford village, NZ 2007

Daywalk in Arthur's Pass, 2006

Labour weekend in Hanmer Springs and Kaikoura, 2006

Day walk up the Sudden Valley Stream, in Arthur's Pass, NZ 2006

Marlborough 2006 - Picton, Blenheim and coast

Bike trip South Island, NZ 2006

Lake Sumner, NZ 2006

Stewart Island and Catlins, NZ 2006

Kaikoura, Marlboro and whales, NZ2006

Southern Alps New Year, NZ 2006

Otira valley, Arthur's Pass, New Zealand

Tramp in Arthur's Pass, NZ 2005

Catalunia, Pyrenees, Spain 2005

Kuala-Lumpur, Malaysia 2005

Melbourne, Australia 2005

Awa-Awa Rata reserve, mtHutt area, NZ 2005

Ascent of Avalanche peak, NZ 2005

Car journey across South Island, NZ 2005

Krasnoyarsk, Stolby, Russia 2002

Ilmen, Valday, Russia 2002

Valaam, Russia 2002

Karelia, Solovki, Russia 2002

Altay, Russia 2002

Ryeconka hermitage, Russia 2002

Altay, Russia 2001

Sweden, Norway 2001

Yaroslavl, Russia 2001

Lake Sumner, Hurunui river, NZ 2004

Foggy Peak ascent, NZ 2004

School camp in Arthur's Pass, NZ 2004

Yakutia - Pole of Cold, Siberia, Russia 2004

Polar Ural, Yamal Peninsula, Russia 2003

Ergak, Sayan mountains, Russia 2003

Khakasia, Enisey, Sayan, Russia 2003

Elbrus, Russia 2003

Tallinn, Estonia 2003

Komi, Perm region, Russia 2003

Sheregesh, Kemerovo region, Russia 2003

Ural - Perm, Tchelyabinsk, Ekaterininburg, Russia 2003

Zakopane, Poland 2003