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Parliamentary Memeber

Mr (Mrs)


Dear Sir (Madam),

I wish to attract your attention to the Tibet that has been occupied for over 50 years and China has brutally suppressed all freedom of speech and acted to crush Tibet's unique culture and religious life.
China will be hosting the 2008 Olympic Games, granted on condition of improving its appalling human rights record. It has promised to allow unrestricted access for reporters to cover China but this is not the case for Tibet where special permission must still be obtained.
China is not keeping its Olympic promise and continues to deny Tibetans' basic freedoms. Recently,China announced new procedures to allow free reporting by foreign journalists during the run up to and including the Games. Such arrangements, however, exclude the Tibet Autonomous Region and Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region due to China's determination to hide its particularly repressive human rights abuses in those regions.
I urge you to press China to end years of censorship and repression in Tibet and secure media freedom in China and Tibet. Please demonstrate your commitment to justice by making the Parliament to issue a statement calling for China to allow unconditional media access to Tibet.


Yours Sincerely,