Reading and Writing

This page is about literature. We read a lot, and sometimes feel a need to express our thoughts about some books we read. And sometimes we write ourselves.


Writing of Paul Milkin Thoughts, impressions and reviews

Meeting on the Highway - sad story about very good man. (Russian only)

Today I Spoke to The Mountain - short story in English. When I told what I've been through to one friend of mine he didn't wonder and said that altitude sickness may cause even more severe brain damage ))

Hunting for Tuvinian - poetical description of a very savage hunt still practiced in most remote regions of Russia (in English)

The Tunnel - lyric story out of "Separation" collection (Russian only)

The Mail - lyric story out of the same collection which fortunately ended with that story along with separation itself.

Artist's torments - funny verses in English to reply the relatives reproach about failed supply of up-to-date grandkids pictures


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My imressions of Touching the Void and its sequel This Game of the Ghosts by Joe Simpson - article of mine on Mountain.Ru web-site (russian only)